Rotary report week Two

The report of my second week’s work will be a bit shorter.  However, I have attached the questionnaire which we developed to interview the villagers and also the results of our Village Chief survey.


During the first two weeks we developed the questionnaire by working back from our final goals of clean drinking water, improved sanitation and hygiene.  Our goal was to gather detailed information on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of the villagers. It was then beta tested here at WFC using IBM tablets.

We then had a day of staff training during which each question was reviewed, carefully translated and discussed.  The consultant was present and made changes in the questionnaire based on the valuable feedback that we got from the surveyors.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we traveled to the five villages that we chose for our study.  Choosing the villages was not a random selection process, but rather based on water studies and demographics.  It was a difficult decision to select the villages that we did as they are extremely remote and in somewhat of a hopeless situation.... but who will do it if we don't?

The surveyors (6) were extremely diligent … studying during the 2 ½ hour drive in the morning and inputting surveys done on paper into the tablets as we drove back each night.  We were able to do five days’ work in three days.

The heat and the seriousness of our work wore us down during the day. However, the last of 108 surveys was conducted with the same care as the first.

Please take a look at the attachments (found in the downloads section on the left side of our homepage). 

On another note...  I invited a few acquaintances and business leaders to a discussion of the Rotary Club of Angkor situation.  The local Rotary Club is violating nearly every principle of Rotary and is not a reliable partner for future endeavors here in Cambodia.

The group was enthusiastic and we decided to investigate:

  • 1.    Forming a new Rotary Club;
  • 2.    All joining and then reorganizing the existing Club;
  • 3.    Forming a Rotary Community Corps under the auspices of the
  •       Pursat Rotary Club.

We will do more research this week and meet again next week.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rich Cromwell


Interview with villager in her hut. Behind her is the kitchen stove. One reason that boiling all water is a poor option for drinking water treatment.


A fun interview with a lovely lady who in spite of her poverty adopted the little one tucked under her arm..


A typical village home.